General Terms and Conditions

This translation is provided for informational purposes only. Inconsistencies of the German text applies.


"You" refers to the user of this service. next interactive GmbH is the sole owner and operator. As far as in the terms and conditions "we" and "us" are used, this refers to "next interactive GmbH" or any Successors, subsidiaries, divisions or assignees. "Services" refers to your for what purpose always use the Web site.


By registering with us, you agree to the terms of use listed here. If you do not accept the Terms of use, you must opt-out. Persons who have not reached the age of 18 may not use this service.

§ 1 Subject of the conditions

We offer a social network where people can look for other people and get to know each other for building partnerships and friendships. In doing so, we enable the use of different apps whose communication orientation is aimed at specific target groups.

We offer this service exclusively for private, non-commercial purposes. By registering, every user commits to, to use the site for private purposes only. The access data are to be kept secret by the user. We can not guarantee contact brokerage. We are therefore not liable if no contact is made.

Registered members can use all services of the service without restriction for free.

Prerequisite for uploading photos and sending chat messages is a confirmed email address. The confirmation takes place in Registration process by calling a confirmation link sent to the e-mail address or by logging in with Facebook or Google has been automatically verified.

§ 2 Code of conduct

  • Harassment or insults in any form, message, image or record containing offensive, libelous, ignominious, defamatory or racist, pornographic, obscene or offensive language are prohibited.
  • Our goal is to make a serious partner search possible. You are prohibited from contacting members to organize explicit sex meetings. It is also prohibited to send nude photos or other pornographic content in private chat without the consent of the contact.
  • It is prohibited to repeatedly distribute phone numbers, URLs, e-mail addresses or other contact information to third-party services in the chat.
  • Forwarding of chain letters is prohibited.
  • By uploading images and sending texts, you agree not to violate any third party rights, including copyright, trademark, personal or other personal or proprietary rights.
  • You agree to comply with the following guidelines when uploading images:
    1. They are personally pictured in the photo.
    2. Other people shown in the photo have given their consent to the publication of the photo.
    3. You have all rights to the photo
    4. It's not nude photos or other pornographic content
  • You represent that you have no commercial and / or business intent to use in connection with the use of the Service. This includes in particular:
    1. the offering of goods or services of any kind for a consideration
    2. the application of commercial websites
    3. the naming of value-added service numbers or Premium SMS services
    4. Contact for the purpose of subsequent profit
    5. the search for employees, models for agencies or paid service providers
    6. Collecting and requesting profile data, individual users, with the intention of commercial use
    7. She agrees to refrain from other members Advertising in any form for commercial offers and none send messages that serve a commercial purpose.
    8. Commercial or business use is already present when you post a profile text that results in a commercial or business intent.
  • You are prohibited from distributing or distributing malware of any kind upload or do any other thing that the service, the website or app, its systems or the systems of other members in any way could hurt.
  • You are prohibited from posting publicly in your profile, personal contact details such as e-mail address, chat names, telephone numbers, postal addresses or publish URLs.
  • You are prohibited by automated means or robots on the Service, not even through quick access to the website / app, such as for example through denial-of-service attacks.
  • Any violations of the Code of Conduct may lead to immediate expulsion from the service.

§ 3 Monitoring Information

We reserve the right to view all ads, photos and Monitor messages to make sure they are ours monitored and in due course amended content guidelines.

§ 4 Termination of free membership

The free membership according to § 1 of the Terms of Use can be terminated at any time in writing. The termination can be requested by pressing the "Delete profile button", which under the menu item "Settings" can be found in the web and app version of the service. The termination is by calling the confirmation link in the Cancellation email effective. Even a termination by e-mail is sufficient.

The contract regarding the free use can be terminated by us at any time without observing a notice period and giving reasons, f you deliberately provide false information or violate the Code of Conduct defined in § 2 of the Terms of Use.

After termination of the contract, all personal data will be deleted, unless this is for the purposes of proof of an unlawful act, Beyond the contract termination, needed.

§ 5 Deletion of information

It is not possible for us to check all profiles, photos and messages. We are not responsible for the content of these profiles, Photos and news or other materials are responsible. We are entitled, but not obliged, to provide profiles, photos, to delete, postpone or edit any news or other materials at our sole discretion to violate the above Code of Conduct or any other applicable Content Policy or otherwise way unacceptable. You retain sole responsibility for the content of profiles, photos, messages or other Materials that you upload to the service.

§ 6 Copyright and usage rights

The websites, their programming, content, design and structure are subject to copyright, trademark and competition rights. Copyright and brand names may not be changed or removed. Duplication, distribution, availability for retrieval or online access (transfer to other website) of our websites, the layout of the websites, their contents (texts, images, programs) in whole or in part, in modified or unmodified form is only permitted after prior written consent by the website operator.

§ 7 Use of trademarks, companies and trade names

When reproducing trademarks, company names and trade names, the website operator may refer to copyright and trademark notices even if these are in many cases legally protected, registered trademarks, word and / or figurative marks. We use the names and logos only editorially, for the benefit of their respective owners and not with the intention of abusing them.

§ 8 Liability

We disclaim all liability for financial or other Non-physical damage with this service be can.

We can not find any information in the profiles of the Members are held responsible for technically justified Transmission errors or outages.

We assume no liability for the interruption-free Availability of the system as well as for systemic failures, interruptions and disorders of the technical equipment. We disclaim all responsibility in particular for Errors due to force majeure or events that the we do not had to represent, in particular the failure of networks.

So we shall not be liable for the unauthorized acquisition of knowledge Personal data of members (E.g. as a result of unauthorized third-party Access to the database).

The law of the Federal Republic of Germany applies. Place of jurisdiction for this contract is as far as legal, permitted by law, Munich, Germany.